Sunday, April 05, 2015

US Grant Hotel

Welcome to San Diego! Need a place to stay? If it's 1952, you might choose downtown's U.S. Grant Hotel.

A detailed view of the front windows show two of the tenants, Union Pacific and North American Airlines.

Need a place to stay circa 2015? You can still choose the U.S. Grant; you just won't be able to visit Union Pacific and North American Airlines. They are long gone as you can see in this contemporary shot.

Two 1954 views of this legendary San Diego hotel which was built by Ulysses S. Grant, Jr., son of president Ulysses S. Grant:

I did my best to match this 1950's view…

with this contemporary shot. Pretty much had to stand in the middle of the road. Many of the surrounding buildings are still standing, but the tenants have all seen much change.

Didja' know dept.: The U.S. Grant was the site of the very first San Diego Comic-Con Convention in 1970.

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1 comment:

JG said...

This is a beautiful hotel. I'm going to stay here sometime.

I really like the bar, very smartly updated. Try the barrel-aged manhattan.

I've always had business appointments, so have never tried the dining room, but one day, my time will be my own for dinner.