Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Tom's Treehouse

The Disneyland Tom Sawyer Island tree house is barely recognizable in this early 1950's photo. The mini waterfall below is from The Three Falls. According to a vintage brochure:

Legend tells us that many moons ago, lightning struck this tree and caused three waterfalls to spring from its roots…and The 3 Falls became the headwaters of the Rivers of America.

This September 1958 image gives a closer look at the crates used to cover the tree house:

and one from 1962:

The house survived the transition to Pirate's Lair, albeit with a much less hand-crafted look. Here's a shot from 2008:

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K. Martinez said...

The first image is wonderful. Tom Sawyer Island surely isn't what it used to be. Thanks, Dave.

JG said...

I have photos that almost duplicate that perspective, of me, taken by my Dad, and of my son, taken by me, about 50 years apart.

Great memories, thank you Dave!