Monday, April 27, 2015

Eating in Nawlins: Brennan's

Located at 417 Royal Street, the Patio Royal Restaurant, seen in this 1950's image, featured the world's first air-conditioned outdoor dining patio. It was also known as the home of the Banker's Cocktail.

Today, it is home of the world famous Brennan's, where I had the pleasure of dining last month. The service was impeccable; just enough attention…but not too much.

The original Brennan's Restaurant, called Owen Brennan's Vieux Carre Restaurant, was located on Bourbon Street, as seen in this November 1954 photo:

The patio is still there; no air conditioning necessary in March!

The restaurant has eight dining rooms.

The one we dined in resembled a Parisian Cafe:

The Roost Bar, with light fixtures resembling bird cages. The perfect place to have the official New Orleans cocktail, a Sazerac. I had my first sip of one, which was plenty. An entire one would have knocked me on my ass.

The lamb chops were delicious (sorry vegetarians!).

The highlight of the evening was the preparation of dessert, Bananas Foster. In the early 1950's, Owen Brennan decided to name a dessert after his friend and fellow member of the Metropolitan Crime Commission, Robert Foster. The dish was originally invented at Brennan's Vieux Carré, but its popularity did not fully take off until Brennan's began "Breakfast At Brennans' with Fosters as a signature dessert.

As it was served; it may not look all that appetizing, but trust was de-lish!

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K. Martinez said...

Dave, will you now be posting weekdays only on your blog?

Beautiful job photographing the restaurant. Looks like a very special place to eat. Any food pix?

Daveland said...

Hi Ken - Stats on the weekend do not warrant the effort it takes to post on those 2 days. Just added a few food shots to the post!

K. Martinez said...

I should've paid attention to your post and gone to your main site for the food pix. Thank you for posting.

Several of my friends don't care for lamb, but I enjoy it once in a great while. That Bananas Foster looks appetizing to me. Mmmmmmm!

Thanks for the reply on your blog schedule. I miss seeing your weekend posts, but completely understand.