Friday, April 24, 2015

The Rainbow Desert Stage Coach

A rarely seen view of the entrance to the Disneyland Stagecoach attraction, known as The Rainbow Desert Stage Coach according to this February 1, 1959 photo.

Get that "D" Coupon ready; this attraction does not take cash!

What does that "D" Coupon translate to? A 50¢ purchase for adults and a 35¢ price for the kids. Conestoga Wagons are a flat fee of 25¢ regardless of your age, which means you need a "B" Coupon. The Disney Powers-That-Be must have thought the Pack Mules were more fun than the Wagons, as they required a "D" Coupon.

What do you think? Would you spend 50¢ to ride the Stage Coach?

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K. Martinez said...

Nice post! The color and texture in today's photo is beautiful.

If I remember correctly, the top tier tickets (eventually 'E') always had a differentiation between child & adult prices.

As for the Pack Mules, they were an 'E' ticket when I rode them back in the day. I think they were always considered a top tier attraction at Disneyland.

Thanks, Dave.

beachgal said...

I would and I did pay the price to ride the stage coaches - but they lost their interest for me soon after the first couple rides - it was sort of a thing I thought went with Knotts better than Disneyland. And yes, the Pack Mules cost more because they needed to feed/shoe/house/rotate/replace them where as the stage coaches just got 'parked' for the night! I was discouraged from riding the pack mules -- they made me 'smell' and be sort of itchy the rest of the day at the park after a ride - and usually I had shorts vs long pants - those saddles could 'bite' your unprotected legs!

Dean Smith said...

fifty cents then is about four dollars today, so no, i would pass!