Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Candle Extravaganza!

Disneyland actually had a shop on West Main Street entirely devoted to candles…and books. This gent looks like he's doing bicep curls with the very ornate candle in his hands in this circa 1974 photo.

I remember in the 70s how candles such as the ones seen here were all the rage.

Zooming in, you can see some of the books that were sold in this shop, as well as two of the young ladies who sold the waxy merchandise.

Another area of the shop:

A closeup of the window shows what I believe to be the Flower Market, which sold plastic flowers. I am sure they went very well with the plastic slipcovers on the family sofa!

Nothing says love like a flower candle. I'll bet this guy made a hit with his girlfriend when he presented it to her!

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K. Martinez said...

I remember this shop and also remember the candle craze of the 1970's. Especially those sand candles from that era. These shots showing the various angles of the Book and Candle Shop are great. I miss places like this on Disneyland's Main Street.

It's a real treat when you find and post interior shots of the various shops and stores from Disneyland's past. Thanks, Dave.

Unknown said...

Second photo: "I shall call you Candle-kins and you shall be mine and you shall be my Candle-kins."

Great shots, Dave. One doesn't get to see a lot of the Candle Shop in photos, so this is a real treasure trove.

JG said...

My Mom loved this shop. I can smell the sweet, ersatz perfumes now.

The pillar candles had little rings or halos of plastic flowers you could push down over them. Really weird today, a must-have accessory back then.

Thanks, Dave.


JG said...

I didn't click on the main website link until after my comment was posted.

Thank you, Dave. Very kind. Those photos really bring the memories.


Fifthrider said...

Used to be all the rage? Heck, we still have some of these, wrapped in paper from their purchase in the 70's and hidden away somewhere. I recall the mushroom candles in particular. We bought them but never burned them. I miss the loss of things like this today but to be fair I never used them. Sadly I thought Magic Mountain ( of all places ) one-upped Disney with their candle shop in a section called "Spillikin Corners."