Friday, April 17, 2015

Main Street's Horse-Drawn Streetcar

Follow me back to August 1955, when these photos of the Horse-Drawn Streetcar were snapped as it journeyed down Disneyland's Main Street, U.S.A.

Peeking into the Crystal Arcade, it looks fairly empty!

In Town Square, the Streetcar is ready to start another trip up to the Castle.

Closeup number one shows two conductors kibitzing in between rides.

And closeup number two shows the cleanup of…number 2.

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K. Martinez said...

Beautiful post today. The first summer of Disneyland and all in glorious black and white. I love the folded 10 cent fare sign on the Horse-Drawn Street Car.

Also love the peek into Crystal Arcade which looks like a lobby with its oval mirrors and chairs. It would've been a great place to escape the heat that summer.

Nice set today. Thanks, Dave.

Irene said...

We went to Disneyland the first time on July 18, 1955 but according to my brother (he turned 13 years old that day and has better memories of this than I do because I was 6) it was so hot and so crowded my Dad said we would come back later in the Summer. So we went back in August, 1955 but I don't have the exact date. I do have home movies and in color of that trip though :) Recently had them converted to DVD. Not as clear and crisp as I would have hoped though. Believe me, I looked at these photos very carefully to see if we were in any of them, but sadly - no.