Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Mary Blair Tomorrowland Murals, circa 1974

Another recent find for me are these 1974 black and white shots that will bring both joy and sadness to readers. The simple childlike designs that artist Mary Blair created for "New" Tomorrowland are sure to delight all who see them, even if they are a bit of a stretch design-wise for the rest of what was created in this area of the Park back in 1967.

I am still amazed that these were covered up without any thought to preserving Blair's work.

I am fairly certain that nobody will mourn or regret it when the Disney Corporation decides to take these murals down.

Refresh your memory of Mary's tile murals by visiting main website for more.

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K. Martinez said...

It appears that the "Daveland" and "Gorilla's Don't Blog" planets have aligned today.

I actually like the Tomorrowland murals that are there today. They are much better done than the 1987 Star Tours mural and 1998 Tomrrowland mural. I especially like the BLAB side with its Space Mountain space stations and Buzz Lightyear spaceships.

Of course the Mary Blair murals were classic and works of art. Who doesn't appreciate them? Especially those of us who experienced the Tomorrowland of 1967. It's just unfortunate they weren't carefully removed and preserved for placement elsewhere.

Nice post today. Even the colorful Mary Blair murals look great in glorious B&W. Thanks, Dave.

Mark said...

I really like the Mary Blair murals. They are fine pieces of art but did not belong in Tomorrowland at all. Too bad they couldn't have been added somewhere around Small World.

JG said...

Ha, practically a double post.

I'm not going to repeat my comments from GDB over here, except for the part about...

Thank you, Dave for posting these great pics. Even black and white is splendid.


Brother Bill said...

Lost to that dark era in Disneyland history when half of Tomorrowland got shut down and the other half got painted brown.