Friday, May 30, 2014

Christy Does Southern California, Pt. 3

Willis was very excited to check into Room 15 at the Marmont; neither one of us had ever stayed in that one!

Willis had to blink a few times to make sure he wasn't dreaming; a private balcony above the entrance.

Looking up, this angle seemed familiar. I took the photo and hoped...

Close, but no cigar. Still, I did feel the aura of Led Zeppelin who supposedly rode their motorcycles through the lobby of the hotel back in the 1960's.

The decor at the Chateau is a mishmash of art deco, upscale linens, and shabby-chic antiques.

Somehow it all works together, making it feel like an old friend that you've known for years.

Thirsty? Everything you need for a pre-dinner cocktail is at your fingertips:

Christy rejoined us for a toe-dip into the pool:

A few traders visiting from NYC had been drinking all day at the Roosevelt Hotel; they brought the party back to the Chateau, including a gigantic blow-up swan.

Fortunately, the management ousted them from the hotel, and all was back to normal. A glass of Cabernet by the pool made it all ok.

Since the restaurant was full, we ordered room service and enjoyed dinner on the balcony.

Nighty-night; see you next time as we travel to Griffith Observatory.

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Fifthrider said...

The bamboo by the pool is a cool touch. Sorry about the NYC traders but at least they brought an inflatible swan. Of all the inflatible things they could have drug into the pool, that one is at least a bit upscale. Love the pic of Willis peeking out the window.

Michael Patrick said...

Can't wait to see your blog entry on Griffith Observatory! My partner and I were married there last month on April 4!

K. Martinez said...

It's always a better day with Willis in it.

That bathroom shot is beautiful. I love old style bathrooms with a bathtub. Is that hexagonal black and white pattern on the bathroom floor real tile or linoleum? It really adds to the bathroom.

Michael Patrick - Congrats on your marriage. May you and your spouse enjoy many wonderful years together.

Daveland said...

Bryan - The swan looks much better on its own; not quite as good when the traders had their hookers and loudmouthed friends at the pool.

Michael - Congrats!

Ken - It's real tile!

K. Martinez said...

Dave - Real tile! That's awesome.