Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Tomorrowland Art Corner Submarine Cutout

Thanks to Daveland reader Rick Schneblin, I have now expanded my Disneyland vintage cutout collection to include the Submarine Voyage. It seems that these cutouts were at various locations. Rick seems to remember that this one from a 1965 trip to the park was located in the Tomorrowland Art Corner. As he recalls...

"The photo was restored from a badly damaged original (that is what took the most time), and I believe the year was 1965 when I was ten. We were on our way to the Flying Saucer attraction, and I remember the photo place was just around the corner. I am in the diving suit, my brother is on the left, and my dad is watching on the right.

"My parents got divorced when I was nine. Walt was kind of my surrogate father. For visitation days, my dad asked me where I wanted to go, and it was always Disneyland. What kills me is my dad was a shutterbug and never brought his camera to the park!!! I guess he did not want to risk losing his Leica.

"My earliest memory was how hot it was to ride in Nature's Wonderland, and how relieved I was for the coolness of Rainbow Caverns. I never cared for the little house on the teetering rock…it looked fake. It seemed like YEARS that I had to wait for the Pirates of Caribbean and Haunted Mansion to open, but the wait was so worth it. I remember the thrill to this day of those two attractions, and I had the privilege of expressing that joy to X Atencio as well as Alice Davis.

"I also remember the summer heat relief I got at the Fantasyland theater. I do miss the quaintness of Main is pretty much a shopping mall now. Sad. The Magic Shop has only a fraction of the appeal…sigh."

Thanks a million Rick for sharing this great family photo!

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Anthony "Pants" said...

That mermaid kind of looks like a blonde Ariel.

K. Martinez said...

Rick - Thanks for sharing your family photo and personal memories of Disneyland. I love your description of the hot days on the Mine Train as I too remember looking forward to the coolness of the Rainbow Caverns back then.

Unknown said...

Anthony.. you're right!! A blonde Ariel! I think it's the eyes that cinch it.

Connie Moreno said...

What a great post!