Monday, May 19, 2014

Disneyland, Summer of 1963: Fantasyland, Pt. 2

Dumbo takes center stage for today's post as we see our 1963 family enjoy a spin around the block aboard the famous flying elephant.

Whoa! Hands inside the vehicle, please!

Phew! Made it through without getting sick. Now I just need to fix my hair.

I end this one with two mystery shots; anyone able to identify these locations?

Looks like this little girl's beverage helped quench her thirst!

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K. Martinez said...

The last two images are from the "Characters Foods" stand that was located next to "Dumbo the Flying Elephant". I think Disneyland insiders referred to these locations as the Fan1 and Fan2 food stands.

It's the orange and white circular structure in the background in this image:

Additionally, the other food stand location was over by "Alice in Wonderland". It's the blue and white circular structure in this image:

Darryl said...

With those striped chairs, I was going for the old Carnation Plaza Gardens eatery

beachgal said...

Love the last one - she has her plaid bermudas, Peter Pan collared, rolled sleeve shirt, Bernardo sandals, Ray Ban sunglasses, with her straw boater style 'picture brim' scarf tie hat, and her straw handle purse by her side! --Those were all 'tre' big in 1963! I only would have added a chunky gold linked charm bracelet with one single round gold disk charm on it (engraved with my initials of course! She might even have 'my bracelet' on - I see she has 2 of 'em on her right arm. In fact the 2 older gals in the other photos also have their Peter-Pan collared, rolled sleeve shirts on as well!

I also vote for the food stand right by the Dumbo ride. It was a stop place for taking the load off and getting a fast lemon-aid or root beer before charging on!

K. Martinez said...

@Darryl R, - Even though the chairs at Carnation Plaza Gardens were striped, they had backrests. These don't.

In addition, the hexagonal bench with the tree in the center that the woman is sitting on is also in this image near Dumbo:

Here are the striped chairs without backs at the westside "Character Foods. This is next to Dumbo.

Hope that clarifies.

Daveland said...

Ken - As always, thanks for the ID - great job!

Anthony "Pants" said...

It's amazing how small those drink cups were, or perhaps, it's amazing how large drinks are today!

Love your site.

Daveland said...

Anthony - I guess people are more thirsty these days! Thanks for stopping by -