Thursday, May 01, 2014

Surfing Safari

Getting new tires ranks pretty low on my meter of excitement, but last Sunday, when the manager said it would take 2 hours, it became even less exciting…until he mentioned that I could just hang out at the beach. As fortune would have it, my camera was in the trunk of my car. It all seemed like a no-brainer. I walked a few blocks west and hung out at Pacific Beach for 2 hours. I eventually ended up at the Crystal Pier, which gives a fantabulous view of both the ocean and the coast. No fishing for me, but I was definitely interested in shooting!

The lighting was perfect, and the surf didn't seem too bad, either.

Here are a few shots I got on that beautiful Sunday where the surfers seemed to be having a blast, and I found it hard to walk away as I kept waiting to capture the perfect wave.

It almost felt like summer.

See more vintage & current Daveland Pacific Beach photos on my main website.

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Chrissy @ Adventures in DIY said...

My dad used to live in Pacific Beach, so I spent many summers there and enjoyed many long days at the beach right next to Crystal Pier. You just brought back some great memories for me. :)