Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!

It's hard to believe that Mothers only get one day of celebration per year, but at least today I can celebrate the tireless efforts of the ones in my family. My Great Grandmother passed away when I was only four; I have very foggy memories of her, but know that many of the traditions in my family were passed down from her. It seems only fitting that the first shot of today's post shows her toiling away in her kitchen, preparing a family feast.

This image from 1939 shows her daughter (my Grandmother) posing with her husband and two children; the little girl in front would become my Mother 25 years in the future.

This 1958 color photo shows my mom holding her first-born, aka my oldest brother. Little did she know at this point that she would end up with 3 boys.

For Mother's Day, 1966, 3 generations of Mothers were together a few months before my family moved to the East Coast. It was probably one of the last photographs of all three taken before my Great Grandmother passed away. I am in the high chair, feeding my face; some things never change. On the right in the front chair is my Grandmother's housekeeper who became a close family friend.

Last one today shows one of my favorite photos of my Mom, who is naturally preparing food for yet another family feast (sharp eyes will see the homemade Christmas fruitcake on the counter!). One day is just not enough to express all of the gratitude for how hard my Mom worked to raise all three of us to be the best that we could be. Many thanks to my Mom and all of the other Mothers out there who deserve to be thanked each and every day!

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K. Martinez said...

Nice family photos, Dave. I love that the backgrounds in your photos show how the kitchen has changed through the years. It's like your personal "Carousel of Progress".

Daveland said...

Ken - Great idea for a post—a COP tour through the decades!