Thursday, January 09, 2014

Walt Disney Makes the Rounds, Pt. 2

You might recall a few months ago I posted this photo of actor John Derek at an unidentified amusement center (now identified by Daveland reader Beachgal as The Pike/Nu Pike Amusement Park in Long Beach, California) from November 1953. Today, I present another photo from that same day, showing Walt & John shooting guns at the park's arcade:

Yup, that's Walt.

I still have no idea how the two happened to be together, but here are two more shots of Derek enjoying the "Skooter" bumper car ride:

and a slide:

If you know anything about these photos, I sure would love it if you'd share!

Derek is probably best remembered for the role of Joshua in "The Ten Commandments":

and for being the husband of Bo Derek:

Meanwhile, back in niece is there with her friends, visiting Walt Disney World and Universal.

Her dark sense of humor (a family trait!) was shining yesterday as she sent me this photo from the Haunted Mansion:

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beachgal said...

The bumper cars one was taken at the Long Beach Pike - I was there a ton in the early to mid 50s - I recall a metal slide like this one there as well. I would assume the others are taken that same day/same location.

Daveland said...

Beachgal - you are awesome! Thanks for solving the mystery!