Thursday, January 02, 2014

More Rose Bowl Fun, Pt. 2

It's December 23, 1959, and the 1960 Tournament of Roses Queen, Margarethe Bertelson, is in Disneyland's Town Square preparing for her royal journey to the Sleeping Beauty Castle, followed by her Court of Princesses...

and members from the Washington University and Wisconsin University football teams. Thanks to the USC Digital Archives, I have been able to expand the coverage of this particular day.

Zooming in for a closer look at the signage on Main Street, U.S.A.

A shot from Central Plaza:

Zooming in, you can see Scary Mickey & Minnie bringing up the rear:

If you're not familiar with Scary Mickey and Minnie, here's a colorful reminder:

At the Castle, Margarethe poses with members from both teams:

Zooming in, you can see that the word "Holidayland" is written on the ball. Perhaps there was a practice there?

How many photos does it take to get a perfect image? Can't use this one...

one of the team members is attempting to "pick a winner."

Can't use this one...

darn it...he blinked.

This one will work. We'll go with this one.

Once the formal portraits were over, it was time for some fun on the Tea Cups.

You just know the guy in the middle hurled.

Another Tea Cups shot:

Yup. Just about to lose his churro.

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Major Pepperidge said...

Margarethe is pretty cute, nice dimples! Somewhere I have a couple of photos that I *think* might be a Rose Queen and some of the football players walking into the park. Gotta find them!

K. Martinez said...

This is the Scary Mickey? Guess I'm confused.

I always thought when you talked about "Scary Mickey" you meant this one with the slits in the face. Now that's creepy.

JG said...

Whoa, Mickey and Minnie look like they have been eating the children backstage...

@KMartinez, that picture looks like something from the Outer Limits.

Dave, these are fun, appreciate the close-ups and commentary.


Anonymous said...

It really struck me after looking at these pictures of the apparent racial barrier of the times. Happy New Year! KS

Daveland said...

Ken - As far as I'm concerned, they're BOTH scary! Ha!

K. Martinez said...

Dave - Yeah, those blood-red cheeks are really something else.

BTW, I checked out the USC Digital Archives and mined some images and articles from there. It's pretty awesome. Thanks for bringing the site to our attention!