Friday, January 03, 2014

More Rose Bowl Fun, Pt. 3

Once again, calling upon the USC Digital Archives to view the 1956 Tournament of Roses football team, The Michigan State Spartans. Members of the team are shown on the E.P. Ripley at the Main Street Train Station.

The engineer doesn't look like a very big football fan.

No Rose Queens for this team; all they get is a Horse-Drawn Streetcar and a pile of dung.

You probably thought I'd zoom in on the dung; instead, I'm taking the high road and zooming in on the team.

Michigan went on to win the January 2, 1956 game against the UCLA Bruins, 17-14.

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1 comment:

K. Martinez said...

What an awesome shot of the E.P. Ripley and the open view track up ahead.