Saturday, January 25, 2014

Engagement Shoot In The Park

Last week, I had the opportunity to shoot Bob & Renee's engagement portraits. Sometimes, you meet couples and think, "How are they going to last?" This is definitely not the case with these two. They were a total joy to work with, and their personalities complement each other perfectly. The session started out with an attempt to get their cat out for a few photos. This first shot was the only one I could capture; he obviously had other things on his mind.

Bob and Renee selected Balboa Park for the shoot which turned out to be ideal. One location with a multitude of settings all within walking distance (which was good with Renee's killer heels!).

Could they be any more adorable?

It was key to show off Renee's gorgeous engagement bling; some shots were not quite as subtle as others!

In the background is the Marston House; living here would probably put a smile on anyone's face. The architecture, view, and landscaping are incredible, despite the whirring sounds from the 163 nearby.

Tree huggers relax; no trees were harmed in the making of this photo:

The archways in the park are a photographer's delight, providing interesting lighting possibilities throughout the day.

As we wrapped up the session, the sky began to get interesting.

Back at Bob & Renee's, the cat was a bit more cooperative this time.

I was actually able to get one group shot before he leaped out of their arms.

Although I love to paint, being able to do a photography session with people that captures their chemistry, expressions, and emotions is so much more rewarding. Bob and Renee were the perfect subjects, which made the afternoon that much more enjoyable.

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Anonymous said...

Great pics as always, you have an amazing eye for good shots. I like the first pic of the cat the best because you get the cat's true personality in it. Also, I can't believe you had BLUE sky at any point yesterday. From coast to inland it was solid grey all day in north county. You actually had some blue sky for a background? Consider yourself lucky.

K. Martinez said...

I agree with Anonymous. That first cat pic is awesome. What a purrfect capture.

Daveland said...

Anonymous - these shots were from last weekend...thus the blue sky.

Thanks Ken!