Tuesday, January 07, 2014

The Skyway Entrance Sign

Yet another post dedicated to the soon to be demolished Fantasyland Skyway Station. Previously, I had posted this October 1957 image showing the back of the entrance sign, which includes the silhouette of a bird.

Thanks to a recent acquisition, I now have a decent image of the FRONT of the sign, too, circa January 1960:

You knew I'd zoom in...it's just my nature.

Jumping ahead to 2007, I snapped the very same sign. Even though the Skyway stopped running 13 years before I shot this photo, the sign remained, teasing guests with the hope that maybe one day...MAYBE one day the old Swiss Chalet would see some life again.

I wonder what happened to the rest of the sign?

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K. Martinez said...

Dave - Did they change the position of the sign later in the 1960s? In this Daveland photo (link below) the sign seems to be pointed in the opposite direction. Or was there more than one sign along the queue?


Nice update! Thanks for featuring my favorite past attraction.

MRaymond said...

Is the signpost still there? That would be a nice post for a new sign or business.

Alonzo P Hawk said...

Sad they couldn't have turned the chalet building into a meet and greet instead of plowing it.

More classic Disneyland goes into memory. Still praying the sub ride and beautiful lagoon are not the next victims on the corporate greed chopping block. Great pics, thanks for sharing.