Saturday, January 18, 2014

Congress Ave. in Austin: 2 out of 5

Today, we travel to Austin, Texas, for a view of what Congress Avenue looked like fifty years ago in 1964. It's pretty much your typical Main Street with a 1960's facelift. During that time it was fairly typical for businesses to cover their "antiquated" store fronts with corrugated steel or other materials to "modernize" them.

A modern view of the same area shows that of the five buildings visible in the 1964 shot, only two have weathered the storm. Mercifully, the ones that have survived have had their storefronts restored, minus the tacky 1960's coverings.

Congress Avenue (aka SoCo Shopping District) is the heart of restaurants and retail for Austin, such as Hey Cupcake (cupcakes from an Airstream Trailer):

Uncommon Objects (raw materials for creative living):

And Vespaio Ristorante:

Where else but Texas could you find a giant rabbit and cupcake in the same place? I guess that's what the slogan "Keep Austin Weird" refers to.

See more Daveland Austin, Texas photography on my Austin web page.


K. Martinez said...

Where's part 1 of 5? I never saw it and can not find it on your blog.

The airstream trailer is cool.

Daveland said...

Hi Ken - The 2 out of 5 refers to the original buildings that are still left. 3 of those appear to have bit the dust.

K. Martinez said...

How did I miss that? I read the whole article too. Guess my brain wasn't engaged. Thanks, Dave.