Thursday, January 30, 2014

Mama Said There'd Be Days Like This, Pt. 2

Reversing the way I typically do things, today's post starts off with the closeup. Captain Hook looks as if he's having one of those days in this November 1971 photo.

Pulling back, you can see that the Chicken of the Sea sponsorship is no more and that this faux-floating vessel is now known as Captain Hook's Pirate Ship Restaurant.

Select from Seafood Sandwiches, Salad, Desserts, and Hot & Cold Beverages.

Maybe Captain Hook was upset because sales were down. It's hard to compete with a mermaid carrying a wand!

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K. Martinez said...

Interesting to see the variations on this restaurant's name. I only remember it as "Chicken of the Sea Pirate Ship Restaurant" and "Captain Hook's Galley". Even the square signage looks bland compared to the others. This must've been an in-betweener.

K. Martinez said...

Forgot to add that the light fixture on the sign post is cool and unusual.

Anonymous said...

A different angle on the splendid sign post with the hook.

Thanks Dave. I sure miss the Tuna Boat.



The "fancier" sign marquee is there in the picture--it's right in front of the sign post, but from the photographers view we are only seeing the sign marquee edge.
That ORIGINAL 50's sign marquee that we only see the edge was reused till the attractions destruction for the New Fantasyland in 1983. It was then used as a display piece inside the Comedy Club Warehouse at WDW's Pleasure Island. It was recently sold in the Disney Company Cast on-line auction...for very little money as it was listed as a Pleasure Island prop! Someone got really lucky!!