Sunday, January 05, 2014

Vintage New Orleans Square

How about a lovely Sunday in New Orleans...Square, that is! It's a perfect day for a little jazz from the Royal Street Bachelors, as seen in this November 1975 photo.

In the background is the Lafitte Silver Shop, which sold jewelry and other silver merchandise.

A courtyard staircase, aged appropriately, which I believe is the one next to the One of a Kind shop:

Oh how I remember that red shopping bag on the left and the Mickey T-shirts worn by the couple on the right!

A contemporary view for comparison's sake showing the Cristal d'Orleans Shop still in biz:

Jumping forward to August 1981, a few knick-knacks from (I believe) the One of a Kind Shop courtyard:

The same courtyard as seen six years earlier. Only the plants have changed!

Today, it is part of the Pieces of Eight Arcade:

I think I need a beignet. How about you?

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K. Martinez said...

Nice vintage shots of New Orleans Square. Since you brought up the red shopping bag, I remember when New Orleans Square had its own paper bags which were gold with black lettering. Oh, how I wish I kept mine.

As for the beignet, I'm about ready to gag. I've had way too much rich food this holiday season. Time for some plain Corn Flakes and milk.

beachgal said...

Ha! I still think of this as 'new' Disneyland - not vintage since I was in college already when this first opened! I well remember when Walt would update us on his Sunday night TV Disneyland as to how the plans were going with Disneyland construction.

Anonymous said...

Love these!

I miss the pressed coin machine that was shaped like a coffin that used to be in that arcade area! There aren't any places for Haunted Mansion pressed coins anymore! And the one inside Pieces of Eight hasn't changed in eons!


beachgal said...

Dave - I have a couple of photos from early 60s of my HS yell leaders in uniform in-front of the Frontier Land Fort and some of the flag girl team atop the submarine - I remember various squads/teams from local area HS were invited to be 'involved' for a day at Disneyland. Do you remember anything like that as a tradition Disneyland continued beyond my scope that would have ended round 1965/66? How to I send you the photos I have?

Daveland said...

Hi Beachgal - Learn something new every day! No - I hadn't heard about the Yell Leader/Cheerleader photos, but would love to see them! You can email me at: