Sunday, January 26, 2014

Disneyland, September 1960: Tomorrowland

Today we have two more images from a batch of color-shifted September 1960 slides. Although I love the original 1959 red Monorail, there's something about the blue one that seems so much more sleek.

Here's a contemporary view of the Monorail at its Tomorrowland station, circa 2009. The brightly colored Nemo signage breaks the illusion that you might be visiting the future and boarding something that is high-tech.

In this vintage view, you can see both the Astrojets and the Moonliner/Rocket to the Moon attractions:

A closeup of the Canopus jet:

Today, the Astrojets have been dumped at the front of Tomorrowland's entrance and the Moonliner has been reduced (perhaps it went into the ATIS shrinking atomic machine?) into an advertising vehicle for Coke:

As the photo shows, perhaps there's a rainbow in Tomorrowland's future...or a furry Ewok at the very least.

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Major Pepperidge said...

They're all nice, but that first one is especially great. Your restoration is excellent!

Anonymous said...

Very cool shots. Love the rainbow in that last one. When did the monorail go to an extended platform? I really can't recall. I seem to remember childhood memories seeing just the track above the submarine voyage but then flash forward to today with what appears to be a platform on both sides and... Well when on earth did THAT happen? Has it been like that for decades?

MRaymond said...

That other platform is the Peoplemover track remains. The domed monorail is my favorite since I got to sit in the dome when I was little.

Mark said...

Love the blue monorail. That late 50s / 60s color is one of my favorites.