Friday, January 31, 2014

Frontierland, September 1960

This is the last of my color-shifted September 1960 images, all of which hail from Frontierland. Presented in chronological order, it would appear that our guest was waiting for the mighty Mark Twain at the dock while snapping these photos that included the thunderous falls of Cascade Peak.

From the boat itself, this shot was taken of the undulating pontoon bridge on Tom Sawyer Island:

followed by this stunning closeup of Cascade Peak; you can almost hear the falls!

As the Twain was floating back to the dock, Rainbow Ridge was captured from above:

Zooming in for a closer look:

And finally, home again at the dock, with the Golden Horseshoe Saloon in the background:

Nothing like a journey on the Twain to start the weekend!

UPDATE: Here are some contemporary photos of the pontoon bridge on Tom Sawyer Island:

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K. Martinez said...

I love the suspension bridge image. The light captured on the water is nice. It's also cool to see that it's adults that are having fun on Tom Sawyer Island.

Also like the classic image of the towering Matterhorn behind Rainbow Ridge and the Mine Train.

Nice set today. Thanks, Dave.

Anonymous said...

It's actually the pontoon bridge, but it's a great shot whatever one calls it. Thanks for the wonderful photos, Dave.

beachgal said...

I seem to recall a barrel bridge (this one) and one closer to the middle area of the island that was a suspension bridge. We used to want to 'accidentally' slip on warm days and take a dunk in the drink - but looking at the water, it looked sort of slimy so we never did fake a fall! Are they both still there or did they remove them when it was all re-done? I have not been on the Island since I was a kid. Would think they prob. are goners now because of safety issues.

K. Martinez said...

You're right. It is a pontoon (barrel) bridge.

beachgal, when I was visiting TSI a couple of years ago, both bridges were still there.

Daveland said...

Curses...put to shame by Anonymous again. Another careless moment when I posted too early in the morning! The bridge is now corrected.

Beachgal - I will add some photos of what is there now.

Pegleg Pete said...

'Don't Rock Or Sway Bridge' – er, isn't that the whole point of having a barrel bridge on the island? Next they'll be telling us not to spin our teacups!