Sunday, December 15, 2013

Mission Dolores, 1950's

I'm a sucker for vintage images, especially when they have vintage automobiles in them. Throw in the fact that this 1950s shot just happens to match an actual frame from the Alfred Hitchcock classic, "Vertigo" and you can bet I did my darndest to acquire it!

Unfortunately this slide was undated, but there does appear to be a tree in front for the film that is not in my slide (or else the bus is artfully hiding it). Whoever took this vintage photo stood in the exact same spot that the cameraman for "Vertigo" did. How's that for coincidence?!?

Another frame from the film, showing Kim Novak about to enter the Mission.

How the Mission looked in 2001 from the same angle. That little tree in front sure has grown up!

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beachgal said...
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beachgal said...

The first photo is older than the movie - the brown car is from the 30's - the bus and black car look to be 40's. Also the sidewalks changed from the 40's to the ones seen in the movie (and many times over since - they get raised often because that area sits right on a the main fault of the San Andres - the streets over there have a lot of movement cracking in them). It's a rich area for missions - we live not too far from here today over at the coast just north of Big Sur and a tad south of Carmel.

Anonymous said...

I have an early photo of Mission Dolores too that I have yet to share on my blog in one of my old photo posts. I was so excited when I found it, so I totally understand getting giddy about that!

I adore missions in general, but of course Mission Dolores is extra special for its role in Vertigo.


K. Martinez said...

I like how that little tree has made it into the 21st century and grown through the years.

JG said...

Great comparison. One of my favorite films, and so much of San Francisco has changed since then.

I don't know the variety of that tree, I think it is a variety of ornamental ficus related to the popular house plant. It is a popular street tree in California.

They are all over San Francisco now; downtown San Luis Obispo is lined with enormous ancient ones; and San Vicente Blvd in Santa Monica has a double row in the central median.

Thank you, Dave.


beachgal said...

By the way - the trees there in the movie and still there today are a hearty bunch for the area - they are ficus trees.

Daveland said...

Thanks for all the info, beach gal! Janey - Let me know when you post your photo!