Monday, December 16, 2013

Life Imitates Art in New Orleans Square

In this August 1966 photo, we see the REAL city of New Orleans, with people admiring the art for sale in the street. Zooming in for a closer look, you can see that a black and white portrait is $3.50 and a color one is $6.00. What a value! The piece of art in the lower right hand corner looks very similar to the Court of Angels at Disneyland.

In an attempt to recreate the New Orleans experience, artists were featured at Disneyland who did portraits for guests willing to spend a little time in the chair, as you can see in this October 1968 image.

So far, so good!

Present-day New Orleans Square at Disneyland still features artists who do portraiture.

The only difference being that these photos from earlier this year show an open Court of Angels, which is now permanently closed off to guests as it transitions into the new entrance for Club 33.

How many of you have been sketched in New Orleans Square?

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Unknown said...

I got my portrait done at NOS when I was a kid. Profile dry pastel piece. After becoming an traditional artist I realized the artist made my eye slightly too big! lol

Daveland said...

Hi Kris - Feel free to email a photo of your portrait if you wish; it'd be great to share it with my readers!