Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Memories, Pt. 3

What was the worst part of Christmas? Waiting. Standing on the stairs while dad or mom took photos with all of the gifts just steps away. We could see them, but we were stuck on the stairs posing. Oops...have to get another Instamatic flash bulb...hang on a minute!

Then it was pictures in front of the tree with the wrapped presents.

Finally, we got to tear into everything! Another picture, son...please hold up what you got!

A few vintage shots from my brother's second Christmas in 1958. Nothing but drool!

Poor kid just didn't know what to make of all these toys!

If we were lucky, it was a white Christmas, which meant playtime in the snow. Here we are all bundled up against the elements for our very first east coast Christmas.

I was obviously digging the white stuff!

And let's not forget the food. While we played, mom (or grandma, or great-grandmother as shown here) slaved away in the kitchen preparing a fabtabulous meal.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all. May the joys, hopes, and promises of the season surround you.

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Diane said...

Merry Christmas! Fun photos!

Gojira said...

Merry Christmas, Dave! Terrific photos!

K. Martinez said...

Merry Christmas, Dave!

Loved your comment about having to get another flash bulb. Thanks for a sharing your family Christmas memories this season.