Thursday, August 13, 2009

Tell-No-Tales Thursdays: Mystery Initials/Acronym

The Auction scene is one of my favorites, and one that I have photographed many many times. Still, it wasn't until I saw a recent post on Micechat that I noticed the small wording on this sign posted behind the Red-Headed Wench. This detail shot shows you what I am talking about; this sign has existed since these concept models were produced.

In this early publicity still, you can see that P.B.S. of A. made it into the actual attraction, too.

Even today, although the actual flyer itself has changed, the message hasn't.

Anybody know what P.B.S. of A. stands for? Here are a few reader suggestions: Pirates Benevolent Society of America, Pirate's Bevevolent Society of Anaheim, PBS Station in Anaheim, and Pirate Bride Sellers of America. See more Pirates of the Caribbean photos at my regular website.

In DVD news, “Pete’s Dragon” will be available in a New Special Edition on 8/18. I watched this movie for the first time and was impressed by the live-action/animation combination. Although it may seem primitive today, knowing that this was created without computers is VERY impressive. Although somewhat predictable, it is a very heartwarming tale with an all-star cast. Sean Marshall as Pete is totally natural and endearing as well. And Helen Reddy...what a talent! Order it now at


Major Pepperidge said...

I was recently in Los Osos (San Luis Obispo), and visited some coastal land that belongs to PG&E. A map listed a point of land as "Disney Point", which got my attention; when I asked about it, they told me that "Pete's Dragon" was partially filmed there.

Katella Gate said...

Pete's Dragon never sat well with me... it was the 70's, Walt was dead, and nobody *really* believed in those goody-two-shoes values any more, but the Studio continued to crank these live action movies out with the cynicism moving just under the surface.

As a result, it features the most incredibly misplaced song in the whole Disney canon: "Money by the Pound" in which our villains spend 5 minutes scheming how to best kill and cut up the Dragon to maximize profit. Nothing says "fun" like Disney Dragon Dismemberment.

Chiana said...

Hey Maj, I live up that way and have heard about that too. Yes they did film some of it there.

As much as I wish Pete's Dragon was a classic, I agree with Katella, in fact I'd add that apart from the amazing animation & fx much of that film is just plain bad. The hillbilly angle on the opening number managed to out-cheese Debbie Reynold's hillbilly number in Unsinkable Molly Brown while providing more proof that Hollywood, including Disney, had lost the ability to make a decent musical. It'd be a long, long time before a modern success. Like Olivia Newtron-Bomb, Helen Reddy might've gone further if there were more and better films for their talents to work in.

Yess, to Dave's post! I had no idea about that, ever. Kudos to Disney for not only keeping the details but the new sign is actually better. PBS of A hm. Pirate's Bride Service of Anaheim?