Saturday, August 01, 2009

Dapper Dans at the Red Wagon Inn

When it comes to entertainment at Disneyland, the Dapper Dans are one of my very favorite acts to catch when at the park. Their harmonies are tight and I love their mild brand of schtick that accompanies their vocal magic. Photo #1 is from December 19, 1960, and I believe it was taken inside the Red Wagon Inn, now known as The Plaza Inn. The ocassion is a dinner featuring the Rose Bowl Tournament Queen, Carole Washburn. The Dans shown here are TJ Marker-bass, Ted Nichols-baritone, Roger Axworthy-lead, and John Borneman-tenor. The football game that season, played on January 2, 1961, was between Washington University (17) and Minnesota (7). A few of the players are in this photo (note the WU patch on the jacket at left).

Next up is a 1959 ad featured in Vacationland magazine. The copy for this one is a hoot!

See more vintage & current Red Wagon/Plaza Inn photos at my regular website.


Major Pepperidge said...

I predict that rap and hip-hop will go away, and barbershop quartets will be popular again! ;-)

"Wait 'til the sun shines Nellie...."

Katella Gate said...

Re your Dapper Dans photo: Somebody posted a shot about 6 months ago of Walt and some executives having lunch in a private dining room, also at the Plaza Inn. Is this the same room taken from the reverse angle?

Daveland said...

Katella - If you can find me the post, I'll let you know!

Sereina Elwert said...

The Dapper Dans are my favorite!!!

OCMomActivities said...

Great blog! I'm bookmarking it right now!