Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sailing Through Sundays on The Jungle Cruise: The Ancient Shrine, Pt. 2

Still cruising through the remnants of the Ancient Shrine; today there are deadly animals lurking in the waters! TECH SKIP: Whenever I saw those little additions all I could think was "why didn't they animate them?" I'm not sure how "easy" it would have been. Put in some sliding effects as they scramble for the water, make their mouth, tail, possibly a lifting up motion as they get their belly off the ground. USC TUBA: There's ginger...careful. Ginger snaps.

TECH SKIP: I have a picture of that guy sitting where he used to be! I actually like him on that side but the placement is really odd. Jungle is usually one-sided, which I hated. Moving him made it a little more 3-D, but they should have placed him farther up, possibly between the tiger and cobras. Where he is now you basically have to choose between one or the other. USC TUBA: And of course old smiley...always looking for a hand out.

Here are views of the crocs/alligators from April 1958 & July 1968:

One of the butterflies from April 1963:

And a sneak-peek through the foliage from July 1961:

2 dock shots; first shot is from July 1960 and the second is from July 1961:

And here’s a shout-out to Skipper Dean; thanks for slowing down the boat—sure makes taking the photos easier!

TECH SKIP: Same picture also has the tree they took out. That tree partially blocked the Tiger and made it look like he was stalking you. I hate how open it looks now. USC TUBA: We’re now entering an ancient Cambodian shrine, built by ancient Cambodian shriners. With their little hammers and their little cars, and their little hats on their heads. Look out! over to your left, it’s a Bengal Tiger...when fully grown the Bengal tiger can, you know the rest.

TECH SKIP: I know a lot of people will pull the "Classic" card but I really wish this was on the other side. Again that "one-sided" feel. I realize they want to take the attention off of the Indy building but they make it so incredibly obvious. "Hey everyone look over here and not at that giant empty hill because we all know in reality they would only build everything over here and no animals would ever go over there." USC TUBA: Oh…that's terrible. Someone should tell that statue her roots are showing...still the prettiest girl in the trailer park though.

TECH SKIP: Nice shot of the half cobra! They moved it because "no one was ever up there." After they moved it Indy started using our Upper boathouse on busy days, but it was too late. It added so much to Upper 3, but our line was rarely that long and no one was really there to appreciate it. USC TUBA: Anyone know what kind of snakes these are?

TECH SKIP: Just wish they would have one rising up instead of only the side to side action. USC TUBA: Nope, plastic…thanks for playing though.

TECH SKIP: Ganesha, moved from Indy because people were touching the statue and in the Hindu religion that is a big no-no so now it sits where no one can touch it! I also remember how they stressed the "Respect Hindu" card when I worked there the second time. We learned how to say it properly and they really didn't want us cracking jokes. In honesty I usually would point it out, say the name, and then avoid the topic entirely. USC TUBA: And here's Billy...he's my idol. On a serious note, this idol was actually brought over from India. It's not uncommon to see Hindu guests pray when you pass it.

TECH SKIP: I pitched this to Management, and WDI... in order to make it more 3-D I proposed to move an Elephant and 2 or 3 calves to the left side to make it seem as if you were "going through" the herd.

TECH SKIP: Best drunk pic ever! Not sure if you meant to take that or someone kicked you when you snapped it! [EDITOR’S NOTE: I am known for my “sideways” photos.] Anyhow I also pitched having the Spiders come down on the sides as if they were attacking the boat instead of the ghetto Halloween decorations they are now.

Here are some vintage views to round out this post. April 1963:

April 1958 python shot:

Undated python:

See more vintage (and current) Jungle Cruise photos on my regular website.


TokyoMagic! said...

Great pics as always, your current shots. I bet the slower boat really makes a difference. About half of my JC pics always come out blurred.

Major Pepperidge said...

Wow Dave, another great Jungle Cruise post. What a great idea to get some skippers to chime in with their comments and corny jokes!