Saturday, September 27, 2008

Golden Girls, August 1956, Pt. 3

Our Golden Girls are a little pooped after vehicle shopping in Frontierland yesterday, so they are taking a rest in Adventureland, sitting on a bench in front of the restaurant that would eventually become the Tahitian Terrace. After some R&R and with a little coaxing, Rose & Blanche are ready to try the Jungle Cruise, albeit with a little trepidation. Looks like the Suwannee Lady is going to be their vehicle of choice for the afternoon.

For those of you who read yesterday’s post, here’s a followup shot of our gals, aboard the Mark Twain. Obviously, they couldn’t resist hopping on board The Floating Wedding Cake.

Farewell, 1956. Until next time! See more vintage & current Adventureland photos at my regular website. “Sleeping Beauty,” the Platinum Edition, is to be released next week, and boy is this set a beauty (bad pun intended)! The section of extras on the Disneyland Sleeping Beauty Castle Diorama is not to miss. Pre-order it on Blu-ray at as well as regular DVD at


Anonymous said...

I LIKE Rose and Blanche! They look like they were a couple of swell gals that knew how to enjoy themselves.

TokyoMagic! said...

It doesn't look like too many people were interested in going on the Jungle Cruise. Maybe they were loading boats behind the person that snapped the photo. And what's going on with that skipper's costume?

I enjoyed this series of pics very much, Dave!