Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Skyway over Fantasyland, 1964

It’s another one-post wonder today featuring this juicy colorful view of the Skyway over Fantasyland. Although this photo was undated, the Douglas Moonliner and the old-Skyway buckets helps narrow down the year. Be sure to notice the Chicken of the Sea Pirate Ship’s anchor peaking out on the left side of this image. I am also including a few fun closeups so that you can feast your eyes on the details:

Here’s the Mr. Toad loading queue mural:

And a better look at the buckets themselves:

And just for good measure, here is a view of the Fantasyland Skyway Station today, as it hides behind the trees that have grown around it over the last 50 years:

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Major Pepperidge said...

I never get tired of this particular view, and this one is especially nice. Notice the hotel construction (HoJo's?) too!

Heidi Ann said...

Oh, how I still miss the Skyway! It was one of my favorite attractions, and it makes me sad that it is gone. :( :(
But I love seeing pictures!

CoxPilot said...

Don't you just love seeing a group of nuns in full habits. It's something rare these days, unless they are visiting from another country. The nuns always were the silliest, and were more like children when it came to Disneyland.

Daveland said...

I can't believe I missed the Nuns! Thanks Lee! David - I also missed the hotel! Too busy looking at Mr. Toad I guess.

Kevin Kidney said...

Glorious shot, Dave!

And I agree with the comment about the nuns. I've always adored nuns!

Anonymous said...

Where's Waldo?


walterworld said...

Hello Major---The bucket close-up shows the soon-to-be Grand Hotel under construction I believe.

It was imploded around 1999 (I have a film clip around here somewhere).

Dave---Another in your long line of great daily posts... I don't know how you manage to keep up such a pace... Great job!

Anonymous said...

The Grand Hotel opened in 1965, so it should have been near completion in 1964 when this photo was taken. The Grand Hotel was located in this position, namely, to the right of the Matterhorn when viewed from the Fantasyland Skyway station. Disneyland acquired title to the hotel for $13.3 million in April 1996. The hotel was demolished on March 22, 1998 and the 11-acre site is now just a parking lot.