Friday, September 26, 2008

Golden Girls, August 1956, Pt. 2

Looks like Dorothy has just joined the group, with today’s Frontierland August 1956 entry. Black Bart is welcoming the gals who are just tickled pink to be photographed with this scalawag! Hard to imagine this smiling romeo in a daily shootout with the sherriff, isn’t it? I have included a close-up of the signage touting all of the wonderful Frontierland attractions that guests could enjoy.

Yesterday, we learned that the Golden Girls loved fast vehicles; once they got a glimpse of the Mark Twain from the E.P. Ripley, they had to see it up close to find out if it was the right mode of transportation for them.

The up close and personal view:

Although the Keel Boat was considered, I can’t imagine these gals spinning around the Rivers of America in such a tiny and cramped vehicle. Surely they picked the Twain, so as not to muss their outfits.

The Stagecoach has just pulled into town, with Rainbow Ridge in the background.

Last photo for today features the rarely seen Conestoga Wagon. With the wide open and undeveloped spaces of 1956, this area truly looks like a Frontierland.

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Major Pepperidge said...

Nice bunch of Frontierland stuff, like the Stagecoach and Conestoga Wagon, and especially the Black Bart photo. Seeing the sliver of that sign is neat, I am sure that the rare panoramic postcard is merely a photo of this sign!