Monday, September 15, 2008

August 1959, Pt. 3

Finishing up this brief series with a shot of the Castle and one of the queue for Alice. It always amazes me that one of Walt’s least favorite films garnered two attractions in the park.

And for George over at Imaginerding, here are a few more Kodak photo spots. First up is the Partner’s Statue, sculpted by Imagineer Blaine Gibson. Of course, I had to shoot from a different angle and be somewhat creative.

Big Thunder Mountain provides a nice scenic backdrop:

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Major Pepperidge said...

Sometimes I think that Walt doesn't look like himself in the "Partners" statue, but your photo really captures the likeness!

Unknown said...

I love the Picture Spots!

I never thought about recreating the scene that was shot. Very cool. Now all we need is a shot of you taking the picture.

Daveland said...

Hey George - want to volunteer to be my photo monkey and follow me around at the park?