Saturday, February 09, 2008

Not Yet Ready for Guests…

For those that don’t check out my Haunted Mansion blog, I am also posting these images here on my regular Vintaged Disneyland Blog. Although the gates are ajar, this publicity photo for the Haunted Mansion is only a teaser. The sign is up telling you...well, heck, you’re all (or mostly) adults, you can read it yourself in these bw & color closeup (from another photo in my collection):

You can see the lamp posts featured in my post from the other day. I also love the bike on the right, just barely visible, making you wonder what happened to the kid who dropped it off: probably rushed into the house for a peek and was probably never seen again! From the same vintage as shot #1 comes this photo of the right-hand side of the mansion. I have included a closeup of the sign warning not to enter the Indian Village with motorized vehicles.

See more Haunted Mansion (regular AND NBC) photos at my website.

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