Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Double Date @ Disneyland, Nov. 1965 Pt. 2

Today’s Double-Date Series will be focused in Tomorrowland, starting with the Red Monorail at the Tomorrowland Station. If you look at the top of the slide, you’ll see construction on what I believe to be the Small World Attraction Building. And if you don’t want to travel by Monorail, there’s always the Skyway, now featuring the square-bucket design first used in 1965.

A third transportation mode for Tomorrowland is by the sea...or more specifically the Submarine Voyage, captured here in this Skyway shot, which also captures gorgeous Anaheim as well.

This sub shot also includes a detail of the monorail—how 'bout that bubble!

Sittin’ on the dock of the bay...how exciting it would be for a first-timer to the park to ride over all of these attractions and then try to decide what to go on first.

This sub shot also includes a closeup of the Small World construction:

Last shot for today: a little undersea action from the porthole of the Submarine Voyage:

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Jason Schultz said...

The seventh photo is a really nice overhead view of the Monorail speedramp!

Major Pepperidge said...

You've got a couple of exceptional photos today... first of all I love that unusual (and dynamic) angle of the Monorail, and the fact that you can see the people inside.

The picture with the Small World construction is awesome too, and the underwater picture with the mola mola (sunfish), I don't remember seeing a photo of that before!

Thufer said...

i agree, some really nice pictures today. thank you.
of interest, in the 3rd photo down-i do not recall ever seeing that "submarine voyage" sign before. really cool to see.

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Super 65 Series! Rare Small World construction shots, I haven’t seen many of those! Monorail in motion shots, thanks Dave!

Unknown said...

It is amazing how much movement was "going" on in Tomorrowland after the 1959 update.

Anonymous said...

Great stuff, Dave...thanks! I recently purchased a DVD (from another website) which featured nothing but monorail ride-throughs. It wasn't as boring as one might think - and comparing a vibrant Tomorrowland of the mid 80s (like these pictures with the peoplemover) and the opposite of the mid 2000s (admitedly while Nemo was being constructed) makes one realize how badly the area needs work.

These shots bring back great memories of my first time at Disneyland in August, 1966. My father used to think it funny to swing in the buckets while my mother and I screamed at him to stop! :)

walterworld said...

Speaking of construction shots, how about the Howard Johnson across Harbor Blvd under construction in the fourth shot?

Yowsa! You can see right through the building.

Nice shots Dave (as usual!)

Take care---