Thursday, February 28, 2008

Disneyland, October 1966 Pt. 2, Bette Davis, and Cigarettes

It’s October 1966 and we’ve made the first difficult decision: which tunnel do we cross through under the railroad tracks? Looks like our photographer might have chosen the “right” tunnel, and as he exited, who was there but Mickey Mouse! Anybody need to make a restroom stop while we’re here? Our next decision is which land in the hub to choose to visit first...but wait, what’s going on at the House of the Future? Looks like a little lover’s spat between the Space People of the Future! I can just hear the lady on the left, "Children, please don’t look at the funny people in the plastic helmets!”

Even though there may be some problems going on in the future, let’s choose that as our destination today, beginning with this shot of the Moonliner, now sponsored by Douglas and not TWA.

From the Skyway, we have this nice shot which also includes a corner of the Flight Circle and scenic Anaheim in the background; but wait, there’s even more going on here. Our spatting couple can be seen in the detail shot that I have included. They just need to punch out on the time clock and take that stuff out of the Happiest Place on Earth. Actually, it appears that they’ve made up and are ready to sign autographs again.

Speaking of the Skyway, here’s the Tomorrowland Station on the left, with those funny little square buckets sailing through the Matterhorn:

Last two shots show a little Sub action from the Skyway and the Yellow Monorail:

Tomorrow, we’ll follow the Skyway into Fantasyland for some more October 1966 gems. On another note, my painting of Bette Davis in “All About Eve,” which I titled “Copper Bette,” is being used to promote the Lowell Massachusetts Film Festival; I was pretty stoked when they purchased the use of it for this.

Speaking of cigarettes (follow the Bette Davis connection here), I recently received the new “101 Dalmatians” DVD; great restoration and way cool extras on the making of this classic. Never really realized how revolutionary the use of the Xerox was until I saw the documentaries talking about Walt’s displeasure with the new technique. Anyway, back to cigarettes; it is wonderful to see Marc Davis’ animation of Cruela de Vil, parading around campily and waving her pink cigarette with the green smoke. Interestingly enough, the cigarette is kept in the film, but nowhere to be found in the publicity stills or DVD box art; you can tell by the articulation of her hand in this shot that it as been edited out:

See more vintage and current Tomorrowland photos at my website.


Jason Schultz said...

Maybe the space couple is finally realizing that their suits are made of asbestos! That or they realize that their time is up... The photos themselves aren't from October 1966 though, as most of Tomorrowland closed at the beginning of September.

Daveland said...

You bring up a really good point; unless there is a handwritten date on the slide, the only way I can "date" it is to use the stamp from the camera shop...which the validity of that all depends on how quickly the customer took their roll of film to the developer. It's a crapshoot!

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

GREAT series. Photo's 3 & 4 both show the old Tomorrowland Ticket booth, hardly as charming as Rolly's version, but a fairly rare sighting in photo's. I want one of each ticket in that booth!!!!

That space couple are far out - look how close they are but not touching! I want to see them try and kiss with those bubble helmets on.

As far as dating these, I feel your pain Dave. I collect 8mm & 16mm films and they only date I get is what's on the box and even then I'm not sure it's the right box.

mydisneycollection said...

I never realized the Space-Woman wore a a mini-skirt and heels. GREAT photo!

Unknown said...

Beautiful shot of the lagoon.

Dave, this series really has some different shots in it--angles and such.

They are great!

Major Pepperidge said...

Hubba hubba! Space girl is quite a dish! If this is the future, take me there NOW.

The picture of the Space Couple is awesomely weird! What IS going on there. "You little astro tramp, what were you doing with Peter Pan?".

Nice set Dave!

Anonymous said...

I don't know where the air holes for those helmets were (or how well they could hear outside sounds), but they probably had to touch them together to hear each other better (the sound being transmitted through the point of contact).