Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Temple Tuesday: No Mercy for Shelley!

This December 1976 image shows Shirley at the Golden Apple Awards, held at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel. Also in the photo are George Burns, Shelley Winters, and John Wayne. What’s so funny? Could be Shelley’s missing tooth. She doesn’t seem to be trying to hide it!

Even as a little girl, Shirley had the good sense to keep her mouth closed when she lost a tooth! It’s true; right before putting her hands in the cement, Shirley lost a front one.

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"Lou and Sue" said...

It is strange to see Shelley WInters missing a tooth. DIdn't I read somewhere that she and Marilyn Monroe were roommates, at one time early in their careers, and Marilyn borrowed Shelley's bathing suit for one of her famous photo-shoots?

That last picture is an especially-cute one of Shirley - what a doll! She'even wrapped in ermine - wow!

Thanks, Dave!


Daveland said...

Sue - I am pretty sure I heard the same thing about Shelley. She always seemed like a hoot and a half in her interviews!