Friday, April 19, 2019

Firing on a Friday

How about a little “firing” at the Frontierland Shooting Gallery? Here’s how it looked in March 1968. Looks like they might have had a costumed cast member working there to assist guests:

A clearer shot, also from the 1960s, but without all those pesky people blocking your view:

A recent acquisition to my collection is this shot of a young boy shooting at the Gallery, circa August 1968:

From 2015, you can see just how high tech the Gallery became:

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Anonymous said...

Nothing beat the sound of the lead pellets hitting the target and watching them fall. The gallery was painted each night to make it fresh looking each day. That is indeed a CM assisting guests. Oh...and watch out for ricochets!! KS

Chuck said...

Note the Marine two bodies to the right of the CM. I think you still had to wear your uniform to get a military discount back in '68.

That third photo reminds me of my dad and I at the Adventureland shooting gallery in '75 or '76. Great photo that's digging up a great memory!