Monday, April 29, 2019

60 Years Ago: A Banner Celebration

Shot almost 60 years ago, this September 1959 image shows a guest getting ready to quench her thirst in Disneyland’s Town Square. Is she even aware of the historic significance of the banner hanging behind her and all of the new attractions that have recently opened for her enjoyment? Probably not. She’s more focused on her cool leather purse with the hand tooled design on the front. Can you blame her?

1959 truly was an amazing year for new attractions. Get a load of the ones announced on the banner: The Submarine Voyage, Monorail, Fantasyland Autopia, Matterhorn Bobsleds, Motor Boat Cruise, and the Skyway via Glacier Grotto. I think I’d take those over Star Wars Land any day.

See more Disneyland Town Square photos at my main website.


Chuck said...

That woman isn't going anywhere until somebody brings her a sack of C&H sugar.

Matthew said...

@ Chuck! That is funny! I had to click on the link to understand what you meant. It's the "#1 Sugar on Main Street (and on all Main Streets of Western America)" don't you know?

I personally love those banners hanging over the rest of the street... I wonder if those are copies of the shields that are on the lamp posts? Huh?
Thanks for sharing Dave!

Always your pal,
Amazon Belle

PS - Original WED creations not based solely on a film property (Matterhorn - 3rd Man on the Mountain... I know)... Gosh how I long for the return of those days! I know Star Wars land will be a hit... but I'm not a big Star Wars fan.

Darryl said...

Let's see...what could she be carrying in that piece of luggage? Snacks of course, like maybe a watermelon and a few large bags of Granny Goose potato chips...and the kid's sweaters, all four of them...Dad's bowling ball for a quick game on the way home.

Fifthrider said...

...and that aforementioned sack of C&H sugar. Thanks for the link, great pic comparison there!

Kevin said...

I agree with Dave! The attractions added in 1959 were phenomenal!!