Tuesday, April 02, 2019

Town Square on a Tuesday

How about a leisurely Tuesday spent in 1950s Town Square at Disneyland? A ride on the Fire Truck is only 10¢; what a value! The curtains of Walt’s Apartment are open; could he be home?

And if you’ve lost the kiddies (unintentionally, of course!) you can inquire about them at City Hall.

Flash forward to 1960 and no such sign exists. Nobody wants those missing kids, I guess. #brats

Rotating around the Square we come to the Opera House in 1960, before Abe moved in.

Drat the photographer! Teasing me with these two window shots, but the photos are too grainy to get much good detail.

In response to Matthew's two comments yesterday...unfortunately, due to quality of camera, depth of field, and other sundry reasons too boring to mention, sometimes a zoom-in yields disappointing results so I avoid. Here are two such examples. This closeup of the info sign at the entrance is not much better than the one I posted yesterday; still blurry.

And this blob of brown could be a mountain goat. Or a cast member bending over. Or just a blob of brown. Hard to tell.

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Matthew said...

To paraphrase the band, Death Cab for Cutie, "We have the facts and I'm voting Yes... that is a mountain goat!"

Thank you Dave! Thank you so very much for taking that extra step to zoom in on these two images. I truly appreciate it my friend! Oh... so bummed that the extra work didn't result in a clear photo of the Disneyland Information board. You can definitely make out times (probably related to park hours).

Thanks again Dave for the extra effort!

Always your pal,
Amazon Belle

Anonymous said...

Dave...back then the park was open 5 days a week...Wednesday-Sunday. And that's what that sign notes....the operating hours for those days only. KS

Anonymous said...

I can identify four Annette LPs in the left-hand window: Hawaiianette (1960), Songs From Annette and Other Walt Disney Serials (1958), Italianette (1960), and Annette Sings Anka (1960). Sorry, can't make out the others.