Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Mary Blair on a Wednesday

“New” Tomorrowland was an exciting remodel for this area of Disneyland which was the one land that got the shaft when the Park first opened in 1955. By 1966, Walt had the money to make it just the way he wanted it to be, and that's what was created for the public when it opened in 1967. Instead of an attraction blocking the entrance, “New Tomorrowland” had a wide welcoming corridor, with a matching set of Mary Blair murals on each side called “The Spirit of Creative Energies Among Children.” This first image of the murals is new to my collection and hails from August 1968:

At first glance, they look like they belong in Fantasyland near the small world attraction, but they were actually designed with the future/tomorrow in mind. See the satellites along the top?

All of the sun images on the Adventure thru Inner Space wall (south side) are representative of solar energy, with nods to wind and solar energy as well:

For a great vantage point of the murals, nothing beat the PeopleMover:

This shot really shows the texture of the tiles. These weren't just your basic bathroom tiles, folks!

The most recent shot in my collection of the murals is from July 1977. The south side mural was covered in 1986, with the north side going bye-bye in 1997. I have heard that the murals still remain underneath, and have also read that they were ruined in the process of being covered. Who knows? It sure would be cool to have them uncovered again. They are a true work of art.

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Stefano said...

The first photo is so cool --- even incomplete, this is a vision of the future to look forward to and get excited about.

It's been a third of a century since the south side of Mary Blair's sunny forecast was removed; it made way for Star Wars. Now most of the park has made way.

Matthew said...

@ Stefano - Couldn't agree more with you about that first photo. I just love seeing our American flag flying over the entrance (I say that every time I see a photo of the Tomorrowland entrance pre Star Tours).

I love the woman seated on the bench in the fourth photo with her family. Her blue outfit with yellow stripe reminds me of the Autopia costumes. I also love the neon dresses of the girls.

Oh how I miss those truly forward, optimistic, views of the future... with a "world on the move."

Always your pal,
Amazon Belle

Anonymous said...

It was an optimistic Tomorrowland. And that's what made it the best version to date. KS