Monday, January 22, 2018

Union Station in LA

It had been almost five years since my last visit to Union Station in Los Angeles. A camera change and hopefully some wisdom along the way helped create some better photos this time around!

It opened in May 1939, and as far as I'm concerned, it's still an architectural wow!

Here are three of the reasons I love visiting this place. Vintage tile:

Cool light fixtures:

An art deco clock:

Last one for today is a view of Union Station shot from the Avila Adobe on Olvera Street:

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Matthew said...

I remember a documentary or newspaper clipping saying something like, Union Station opened the same year air transportation began to increase, making train travel less convenient and Union Station to be the last 'great train station' to be built. I went to go find the quote and ran across this

Thank you Dave for your photos. I really do believe your photos are documenting so much and will be used long into the future about how things appeared at the turn of the 21st century. Don't grow weary of well doing.

Always you pal,
Amazon Belle

PS - Nice close out to Fashion Week with your post about Rolly Crump.

Daveland said...

Great site, Matt - thanks for the link! Glad you liked the Crump post...even if it was a bit of a stretch for the theme! Ha!

Patrick Devlin said...

One of my favorite things at Union Station is the way that the different types of stone in the flooring have eroded at slightly different rates over the many years so that there is now a slight undulation to the floor's surface that you can see when the light is just right. Great building that...