Thursday, January 25, 2018

Clifton's Neon

On my last trip to LA, I stopped by one of my favorite places for lunch, Clifton's Cafeteria! While waiting for my friend Tony to show up, I went downstairs to use the restroom. For the first time I noticed this display:

It's the historic neon I had read about. Installed in the 1930's by Clifford Clinton himself, it was discovered hidden in a wall during the restoration/renovation in 2012. STILL GLOWING!!! According to the accompanying sign, the only time it was off was during blackout drills during World War II and when the City electrical grid field. INCREDIBLE! I think this calls for another photo:

I also discovered this tiki bench downstairs:

Some of the Christmas decor was still up:

The highlight of the lunch? The rainbow jello.

...which deserves a closeup:

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1 comment:

Fifthrider said...

Very cool. Can't go wrong with more pics of Cliffton's. I'm glad you showed a closeup of the rainbow jello. From that first pic I assumed Tony merely took a bite out of it, but no, they made it that way? Wow. That's balance.

The tiki bench must be new-ish since December. I recall the neon but not that bench, and I would have remembered anything tiki. Great pics, keep 'em coming!