Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Disneyland Opening Day: Eve Arden

A vintage shot showing actress Eve Arden (TV star best known for "Our Miss Brooks" and "The Mothers-In-Law") on Disneyland's Opening Day. I am sure a number Disney collectors would love to have some of those toys! Eve's kids just look a little spooked.

From the vintage publicity blurb:

EVE ARDEN, her actor-husband, Brooks West, and their two daughters Liza, left, and Connie, examine souvenir dolls at Disneyland which opened recently at Anaheim, Calif.

Arden was married to West from 1952 until his death in 1984 from a heart ailment at 67.

Fans of "I Love Lucy" might remember Arden's cameo in the famous "Hollywood at Last" episode, where the veteran actress is seated at a table next to Ethel, Fred, and Lucy.

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Darryl said...

She looked familiar to me but not through the Our Miss Brooks show...then it hit me, the Rydell High Principal in Grease!

Anonymous said...

"Famine" souvenier dolls? No wonder they look spooked.

Graffer said...

Eve Arden had such a distinctive and recognizable voice that she had to use a horn to answer yes/no questions when she appeared as the mystery guest on What's My Line in 1955. Viewable on Youtube.