Saturday, January 31, 2015

View From A Treehouse

This most recent visit to Disneyland was one of those rare times that we climbed up Tarzan's Treehouse. I love the views, and I also love checking out all the details, but once the crowds begin to hit the Park, I typically avoid this place like the plague. As you can see, there were some from our group that…well, avoided this attraction like the plague, and instead, waved to us from below!

This bridge is one of the reasons I do not like to be on this attraction when there are too many peeps in the Park; it makes me queasy as it sways!

Yet…as you can see, some of the views are outstanding.

And one visit to this attraction is never enough to catch all of the details.

I took the time to experiment a bit with exposure times. The results of a very slow one:

and much faster; which do you prefer?

The long exposures can produce a very cool milky effect when mixed with a waterfall-like feature:

See more Daveland vintage & current Disneyland Tarzan's Tree House photos at my main website.


Unknown said...

Slow exposures and waterfalls are quite popular these days, but I have to say that a faster shutter produces a much better feel to the water: more texture if you will.

Lovely shots all around, Dave.

K. Martinez said...

Even though there are still some lovely views of the Park from the attraction, it makes me sad to see what they did to the Swiss Family Treehouse. I'd put this one right along with injecting Finding Nemo into the Submarine Voyage. Nice to still have around for park ambience, but nothing I want to experience again and again. Now if only the Skyway hung on a little longer, it could've been reimagined as Pixar's "Up".

Wonderful shots of the water stream and rockwork. I love the composition on the trashed "room". Nice work. Thanks, Dave.