Friday, January 23, 2015

2 Snow Whites for the Price of 1

This vintage September 1961 shot is something you just don't see at Disneyland: two of the same characters in one photo! You can clearly see Snow White herself waltzing into the frame from the right-hand side, accompanied by the Seven Dwarfs.

Zooming in a bit, we see something near and dear to my heart: the original Snow White attraction queue mural:

Zooming in even closer, you can see a SECOND costumed Snow White, hanging out in the queue.

I can only imagine the kind of trauma this would have caused for the wee ones.

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Huck said...

Fun shot, Dave! Snow White #2 is a ride operator… Women wore that costume at the attraction at the time—although Fantasyland female ROs who were bumping (breaks, lunch) other ride operators at SW and other rides in the area wore the more familiar generic Fantasyland costume we see in many photos from this era.

Anyway, nice post! Thanks!

K. Martinez said...

What a wonderful photo. All seven dwarfs and two Snow Whites captured in front of "Snow White's Adventures" in a single image. I know "Fantasyland '83" is superior and beloved by many, but it's the original Fantasyland that is nearest and dearest to my heart. It was the Fantasyland of my childhood and early adulthood.

Thanks, Dave.

Fifthrider said...

I'm fascinated by the idea that the costumed-character-to-customer ratio is so high. These guys almost look like they're hanging around looking for work. Today the kids are in a line to meet characters, sometimes hours long.

TokyoMagic! said...

I was thinking the same thing as Huck, but we can also see two male ride at the control panel and another one at the head of the line. Very odd! Does anyone know the time frame for when the Snow White and Alice ride operators were wearing the corresponding character costumes?

A wonderful and rare pic today, Dave!

beachgal said...

I was going to tell you that the ride attendants wore these theme costumes back then but see Huck beat me to the punch - it was the norm back at that time. And it would not have upset the 'wee ones' I doubt - sort of like going to Broadway and seeing Santa and then off to Sears right after and seeing another different Santa! We got used to multiples pretty fast growing up.