Sunday, January 25, 2015

Casey Junior's Circus Special

As I mentioned before, I was unable to ride the Storybook Land canal boats due to them being closed, BUT I was able to hop onto Casey Junior's Circus Train instead! Always good to have alternatives. I took the opportunity to snap a recent shot of what was once this attraction's ticket booth.

Interesting to note that while the chimney now has a whimsical bend to it, the roof tiles have taken a turn towards dullsville.

A closer look at the ticket window for you:

Back to present day, as I waited (somewhat) patiently in the queue, I photographed Casey making his journey back towards the station.

Here he comes…I wonder which car I'll get?

Turning around I shot these beautiful topiary arches, which look even better at night when the lights are twinkling.

All aboard!

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K. Martinez said...

The new signage kills the architecture of the Casey Jr. station/former ticket booth. Tacky tack-on. I'm pretty sure the station chimney has always had a whimsical bent to it.

I'm guessing those minaret shaped topiary arches are supposed to represent Aladdin since the next scene is the Cave of Wonders.

I love the patchwork quilt shot where you capture the entire Casey Jr. Circus Train. Nice job as always. Thanks, Dave.

Daveland said...

Good catch on the chimney, Ken - I guess angle of the shot has everything to do with my perception!