Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Tomorrowland Details, May 1960

It's not "New" Tomorrowland, but what I see in this May 1960 image is still more exciting than what resides at Disneyland now. From just one image I get an abundance of cool details, starting with the Astrojets in the foreground (the Sirius on the left and I can't make out the name of the vehicle on the right) and a crowded Yacht Bar in the background:

Detailed view #2 shows a gleaming blue Monorail with a plethora of Skyway buckets floating overhead:

Last one for today shows a guest perusing the Grand Canyon Diorama and Columbia attraction posters:

Here they are "in person":

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N576BB said...

Hey, Dave. I think the name on the second is 'Altair.' If you look at the letters, and compare them to http://davelandweb.com/astrojets/popup.htm?images/50s/KTPBKKTPBK_1958_N27R.jpg, that's what it appears to be.

N576BB said...

Also, look at http://davelandweb.com/astrojets/popup.htm?images/60s/KTYC_7_60_N04.jpg.

K. Martinez said...

Yeah, without the Skyway, PeopleMover, high-up Rocket Jets, Mark I, II or III monorails today's Tomorrowland kind of sucks. The original skybuckets were the coolest. They remind me of aluminum tumblers.

The Mark V and VII monorails are no match for the Buck Rogers/Flash Gordon style bubble-top monorails of the first three monorails types at Disneyland. That sense of style and design seems to be gone from Walt's original park.

Fifthrider said...

I wonder what's up with the crane in the background by the castle?

Unknown said...

A little late, but that first picture has one of my favorite off-beat things in the park. That's the sort of periscope-stack display for the Submarine Voyage and General Dynamics. At one point there was a little platform down low with loudspeakers. Do you suppose that the Submarine Voyage actually had a carny-style barker? Yikes!

Daveland said...

N576BB - Thanks for the ID!

Bryan - The crane might be for the Carrousel. Hard to tell. Either way, not sure what it's for.

Patrick - I hadn't heard of that, but that doesn't mean it didn't exist. Maybe it was just muzak. Or something to do with the mermaids. The platform WAS used by The Yachtsmen:


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Dave, I was of course joking about the barker, but let me see if I can find a pic of the platform...

Like here: http://davelandweb.com/tomorrowland/popup.htm?images/60s/KTPBKYC_10_65_Dev_N16R.jpg

I think there was an access for maintenance on the loudspeakers that threw me.