Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Frozen comes to Storybook Land

This will probably come as a shock to those who read this blog for its Disney content, but I have yet to see the movie "Frozen." Still, I was anxious to see how the village of Arendelle would fit into Disneyland's classic Storybook Land attraction. Just like the state it resides in, there is only so much real estate available at Disneyland, so to make room for Arendelle, something would have to be sacrificed. In this case, the Windmills (shown above) would have to go. I am sure there are many diehards like me who are sad to see this representation from the innovative 1937 animated Disney short "The Old Mill" bite the dust, but I can totally understand. How many of today's generation have even heard of "The Old Mill"?

In my first photo, note the shadow of Casey Junior. Storybook Land was closed last weekend, but I didn't let that deter me from getting my photos. I simply headed over to Casey and bumped up the shutter speed on my camera!

Arendelle fits in fairly well, but at the same time, because of the size of its castle, it is a bit overwhelming.

The mountains behind Arendelle are a nice match with those behind Gepetto's village as well as the peak of the Matterhorn that looms over all.

The details are great, too, including this little cabin:

The back side of Arendelle:

Overall, I would say that the newest addition/change to Storybook Land is a positive one.

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K. Martinez said...

It's fun looking for the ice palace up in the mountains at the various angles in these images. The rockwork looks great and the details well done. Whether intended or not, I love the Casey Jr. shadow cast on the scene. Nice touch!

Glad you photographed the new addition of Frozen to Storybook Land. I think it's great that they added the scene and it looks like they integrated it well into the area. It's good to add something new to Storybook Land once in a while. Keeps it fresh. I'm surprised they never added scenes from Sleeping Beauty or Beauty and the Best in there. Aurora's cottage would be cool.

I saw Frozen when it came out on Blu-ray and enjoyed it. I loved the musical number "In Summer". As a whole, I think I liked Tangled just a wee bit more. I always enjoy it when you post about what's new at Disneyland Resort. Thanks, Dave.

JG said...

Dave, thank you for this. I had heard of the addition and was desperately afraid that they had erased Pinocchio's village.

While I will miss the mills, even as old as I am, I never saw that film all the way through. I figured these would be replaced at some point. In a way, I'm relieved. I have gotten so used to recent "plussing" that sucks, it's weird to find something done reasonably well.

Frozen is a good movie, I was all prepared to not like it. I was wrong. It's a very nice kids film and entertaining for adults as well.

It's so epically popular that Disney really has to do something to acknowledge it, besides a Princess Meet & Greet. This is a great choice. IMHO they missed timely opportunities to promote the parks with tie-ins to Little Mermaid, Alladin, Beauty and the Beast, etc. although some of this is fixed now.

Good news, Dave.


Fifthrider said...

Almost in the same boat, no pun intended. I finally saw Frozen last weekend so at least I know what that cabin up there is all about. Overall it's a great setup for Arendelle. It's almost ironic that it replaces The Old Mill, a story about a Mill that endures and stands regardless the elements determined to knock it down. ...but of course that movie didn't feature Tom Staggs as an element.

Anonymous said...

While I am a fan of The Old Mill, as I think it is a very beautiful short, along with being innovated for the multi-plane camera, I personally never saw the windmills as representing The Old Mill, mainly because the mills in Storybookland were clean looking.

As for the Frozen now being in Storybookland, I'm fine with it, but am a little bummed it made its way in and the Beast's castle didn't, and Rapunzel's castle and tower did not. Also, Frozen gets A LOT represented. You have their castle (along with harbor and ship), the ice castle that Elsa creates, Oken's Trading Post (the cabin) and the land of the trolls, the small almost altar looking area with a bunch of round stones.

Unknown said...

Well thanks so much , Dave,

Nice looking addition. I like the stands of evergreen trees, (mini-bushes?) that will someday be shaped ever-so-nicely like the rest of the bonsai out there. And the scale to the nearby "Alps" is well proportioned.

I can remember as a kid wanting to build a building, any building, from Storybookland in our back yard. Trouble is now I don't have a back yard...

Matt G. said...

I was anxious to see it as well. As much as I despise Frozen being everywhere, I thought this was well done. It had been awhile since I had done Storybook Land, but with the new addition I had to do it! It's a classic ride, and I don't think the addition harmed it.