Friday, October 05, 2012

Disneyland, March 1975, Pt. 3

Back in Fantasyland, the Matterhorn, Skyway, and Alice in Wonderland attraction are just up ahead. However, our March 1975 photographer decided to take a hard right to visit the Chicken of the Sea Pirate Ship restaurant. I don't blame him; he only had seven more years before its destruction!

He was so enchanted by it, that he boarded a Skyway bucket to get an overhead view, which afforded him a shot of Storybook Land as well.

What a beauty.

I think I actually miss the Skull Rock Cove detail more than the ship itself.

The small world fa├žade seems so far away from the Skyway bucket.

Cruising in for a land in Tomorrowland, the gleaming Blue Monorail is just below.

Gotta' zoom into this one:

The subs, before Nemo was found.

The Astro Jets/Rocket Jets, back when this semi-off-the-shelf attraction had a little pizzazz because of its height:

Back in Central Plaza, the Omnibus gives us one last little taste of Main Street, circa 1975.

And that, dear readers, is the last of this series' images. I leave you with this stunning view of the Tomorrowland entrance, back when it was...stunning.

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K. Martinez said...

I miss both the Pirate Ship and Skull Rock. I think the 70s were probably my favorite era at Disneyland. It was when the park was at its peak for me.

Rich T. said...

That was a beautiful virtual Skyway ride! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful series. You have had some splendid pictures lately, Dave. Thanks so much for sharing them.


Major Pepperidge said...

Love love love those Rocket Jets. BTW, notice that the pirate ship was no longer sponsored by Chicken of the Sea...

JG said...

A splendid series of my favorite places. especially the best Tomorrowland.

Thank you, Dave.


Mark said...

I really love seeing older photos of Disneyland. Thank you for sharing these with us.