Monday, October 29, 2012

Disneyland Halloween Trip Report: Pt. 5

After my Haunted Mansion Holiday adventure, I had to give Pirates equal time. I managed to capture the usual assortment of shots, attempting to improve with each journey through this classic dark ride in New Orleans Square.

I am surprised (but not disappointed) that Pirates hasn't been dragged into the Halloween festivities with a "new" overlay.

Here's to hoping that the missing hats are part of a long refurbishment and not a permanent change. Without the stack of hats, the gag of this scene is gone.

On a happy note, Fortune Red has been returned to New Orleans Square, sporting a pipe now.

Believe it or not, signs of Christmas were already popping up at Disneyland in October:

I've always enjoyed visiting the Rancho del Zocalo park, with its festive Dios de los Muertos decor during the Halloween season.

Construction continues on the replacement of The Carnation Plaza Gardens:

There is a colorful rendering of what the area is supposed to look like when completed:

Speaking of construction, Indiana Jones is still under wraps:

At this point, I went across the way to Disney California Adventure. I needed a little Red Trolley and Buena Vista Street fix, as well as wanting to check out the "Frankenweenie" exhibit inside of the Art of Animation Building.

THIS is the type of thing I love to see. An actual museum-style exhibit, devoid of the typical gift shop push. VERY well done, and a must-see for Tim Burton admirers.

Amazing how expressive these little models are.

Being able to see the miniature sets blew me away. All of the detail! This one was actually interactive; you could push buttons to have certain areas come to life.

If you want to check this out, get moving; I believe it is only there until November 5.

Over at the Muppet Theatre, you can catch a sneak peak of "Frankenweenie" during special afternoon showings.

This movie tie-in is very well done! As for the food items it is advertising, I have no first hand knowledge.

Here's a Faux-D® image of the Carthay Circle Theatre to tide you over until the next post.

Come back tomorrow for more DCA photos.

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K. Martinez said...

You mean you don't want Pirates of the Scaribbean? I personally don't think Pirates needs an overlay.

Your PotC photos are really awesome! I love what you did with the Skull and cross swords. You did a great job on all of the interior shots here.

Major Pepperidge said...

Beautiful photos as always.

Darryl said...

Mr. Rzykruski is obviously play on Vincent Price...splittin' image I tell ya!

walterworld said...

Very glad to see that they have returned Fortune Red back to something closer to his original look.

He used to look just like the priate on the fortune cards, which have never changed since Fortune Red first appeared in the Pirates Arcade back in 1967.

That pipe is an original btw; he always had it in his mouth up through at least the 70's, but in later years it sat at the bottom of his case amidst the coins, most likely after simply falling out, or else as a result of the Disney folks not wanting to send a pro-smoking message to the kiddies.

Now if they could only bring back all of the other pirate-themed 10 cent machines!